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    Depending on the equestrian sport discipline, different requirements are placed on the radio systems. Here you will find the right solution for your individual needs. When making a purchase decision, it will be helpful to take a look at our information on the most important selection criteria . Our employees, who are all active in equestrian sports themselves, will also be happy to provide you with advice (telephone 09374/979111).

    The most important difference between CEECOACH 1 and CEECOACH 2: CEECOACH 2 can also be operated with wireless Bluetooth headsets, CEECOACH 1 only with wired headsets.
    We offer you inexpensive product bundles which, in addition to the respective DUO KIT (= 2x CEECOACH 1 or 2), also include a practical transport bag and various headsets.
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