Radios (for riders)

16 Products

    16 Products
    Radio-supported training in riding and driving sports has many advantages. More and more riders and trainers are using this modern form of communication and thus improving the effectiveness of lessons. (Read here what is important so that you buy the right radio set.)
    Under “Radio devices for riders” you can see an overview of the various radio solutions. You can find suitable extensions and spare parts under “Radio Equipment Accessories”.

    For a long time, all communication systems for equestrian sports were equipped with wired headsets. However, the second generation of CEECOACH devices (CEECOACH 2) can also be used with wireless Bluetooth headsets. Here we offer various product bundles in which the wireless headsets are already included. With the Bluetooth headsets, the rider has even more freedom of movement. The first generation of CEECOACH devices (CEECOACH 1) can only be operated with wired headsets. But these systems also have a range of 500 meters and excellent transmission quality. In individual lessons, users can choose to both speak and hear or just hear. The CEECOACH sets contain all the parts required for operation. Under “Radio accessories” you will also find various earphones that you can order if necessary.

    CEECOACH plus is a new development that works with CEE intercom technology, not with Bluetooth transmission like CEECOACH 1 and 2. This allows 2 to 16 people to be integrated into the communication group and a range of up to 700 meters. The operation has also been simplified again. These shock and waterproof devices are not only suitable for riding lessons, but also for many other sports.

    In contrast to the CEECOACH systems, the Trainer Audio System PREMIUM 120 is a one-way system, meaning only the trainer can speak. This solution is particularly suitable for customers who are looking for a communication option that is as technically simple as possible. The transmitter and receiver are clearly defined from the outset and after commissioning, all you have to do is adjust the volume appropriately at the push of a button.

    The Tectalk Sport riding instructor radio system is particularly suitable as an entry-level device. It works with PMR 446 transmission, which corresponds to walkie-talkie technology.

    All systems listed can be expanded for group lessons. The additional devices can be found in the overview.

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