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    If the amount of green fodder for ponies or horses needs to be reduced for medical reasons, limiting the length of grazing is usually recommended. However, many horse owners do not want to subject their animals to the associated separation from the group of horses and the reduced amount of exercise. In such cases, using a functioning seizure brake is often a good solution.

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    If a horse is overweight, the first thing you should try to do is reduce the weight by increasing exercise and reducing the amount of concentrated feed. However, is your horse at risk of deer or suffering from a metabolic disorder or other medical problem that makes it absolutely necessary to limit the amount of green feed? This is certainly relatively easy to solve with box horses, but it becomes really difficult in herd keeping, open stables and the like. In order to leave the horse in its usual surroundings in the herd and at the same time not reduce its amount of exercise, a pasture muzzle or a food brake is a good solution for such a problem. The horse goes out to pasture as usual, but takes in less feed than before thanks to the muzzle.

    It is very important that the seizure brake sits correctly. Siw should not rub, press or rest on his nostrils or mouth. Good air circulation is guaranteed with the Greenguard muzzle thanks to the open design. Of course, the horse must also be able to drink. This is often not possible with narrow self-drinkers, so alternatives should be offered (e.g. a water tub).

    The Greenguard willow muzzle is characterized by robustness, a good fit and a high degree of functional safety. For very sensitive horses that are prone to chafing, neoprene pads in the appropriate sizes for front/back or right/left can be attached. In the latest, further developed version 2022 of the Greenguard willow painting basket there are insert plates with different properties. The SOFT version for horses with sensitive teeth, the plates are softer than the muzzle material, the feeding slots are identical to the muzzle. The DIET version has smaller feeding slots to further reduce the amount of grass ingested. The SOFT + DIET version combines both!

    A particularly secure fit is achieved by the special Greenguard pasture halter, which is equipped with additional straps on the bridge of the nose and around the gaiters to prevent the feeding brake from slipping or losing.

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