Inhaler accessories

24 Products

    24 Products

    Accessories and spare parts for the Air One / Air One Flex inhalers can be ordered quickly and easily here. The accessories for the ultrasonic inhalers from Hippomed are roughly divided into two categories:

    On the one hand, there are the consumables, i.e. nebulizer cups, contact liquid and disinfectant. These are initially supplied with the Air One / Air One Flex horse inhaler. Depending on the frequency of use, the items must be reordered.

    On the other hand, the components of the breathing masks and inhalers are available as spare parts. Many of these items can be used for both versions of the inhaler. These include, for example: E.g. inhalation and exhalation valves, cloud chamber lids, turntable for fresh air supply, replacement seal (in standard or pony size), Aero Spacer dosing chamber for spray aerosols or the replacement head strap. > Application video

    However, some parts are different - depending on the version of the Hippomed inhaler device. When ordering, please make sure you choose the right products for your inhaler!

    For the Air One network version there is a special wall bracket, a 1.70 m long replacement hose, the breathing mask without any additional accessories or complete, i.e. with valves, head strap and hose.

    There is also a special breathing mask with and without accessories for the Air One Flex. In this version, the mask is attached to the Air One Flex inhaler device with two strips. These strips can also be ordered individually. The short connecting hose leading to the mask is of course included with the complete breathing mask in this size, but can also be ordered individually. A power supply/battery charging station for the Air One Flex is also available.

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