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    13 Products

    Almost every horse owner will discover in the course of their experience dealing with horses that the legs, and especially the joints, are quite susceptible to all kinds of injuries. Normal bandages are neither suitable for protecting these problem areas as a preventive measure nor for therapy after joint injuries. The joints of active running animals are constantly in motion and so it is a real challenge to attach protection that is not too tight and hinders blood circulation and movement, but also stays in place and does not slip down. This becomes even more of a problem when the bandage is supposed to cushion the joint, because the thicker and therefore heavier the padding is, the faster the whole thing slips down.

    The TSM bandages for horses offer a very effective solution to such problems. They combine outstanding quality in terms of material and skin compatibility with a very good fit and durability. They are made of special neoprene material and are attached to the leg with several Velcro fasteners. Using Velcro gel pads, targeted heat or cold supply is also possible. Due to their good fit and supportive properties, these bandages are particularly suitable for protecting joints during movement, for example to support the healing of an unstable joint after an injury or to provide preventative support to the joint when there is a known risk of injury due to weak tendons or ligaments.

    There are bandages for the pastern joint, the ankle joint and the pastern joint. The bandages for the foretarsal and ankle joints are available in a second version as a padded bandage to protect against traumatic effects on these joints. The padded versions serve to protect the carpal joints from injuries caused by repeated falls on the forehand, e.g. B. in narcolepsy. An additional extension part also offers protection for the fetlock head.

    The ankle and carpal joint protectors from Back on Track offer other help for problems in the area of ​​the carpal and ankle joints. The effect here is mainly based on the use of the body's own heat. Tiny ceramic particles are melted into the Welltex® material and reflect body heat in the form of infrared radiation.

    This effect increases well-being, can reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation.
    Although the Back on Track textiles create a pleasantly warm feeling, they do not cause any additional sweating. The more heat generated by the body, the stronger the effect. Back on Track can therefore also be used very well to warm up muscles before training and for regeneration. In addition to the ankle and carpal joint protectors and stable gaiters, which are mainly used in stables and paddocks to provide soothing warmth to painful joints, there are also work gaiters that can be used during actual training.

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