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    18 Products

    Why do horses need eye or nostril protection with sun protection factor? As sun protection, i.e. protection against sunburn, as light protection for headshaking or eye diseases, protection against insects, protection against mechanical influences on the sensitive eyes, e.g. B!

    Especially horses that suffer from increased sensitivity to light and would in principle need sunglasses for horses, which is difficult for animals for safety reasons, have many advantages from an innoHorse light protection mask and / or an innoHorse nostril protection with UV protection.

    A conventional fly mask is often not sufficient here. Of course, a light protection mask for horses also helps against annoying insects, but due to some technical developments it can do much more.

    Based on extensive tests and in collaboration with affected customers and horse clinics, resourceful minds at innoHorse have developed UV protective masks made of a high-tech fabric that offers 59%, 77% or even one-sided 100% light protection, so that different UV protection requirements can be met. The light protection effect of the fabric was confirmed by the German Institute for Applied Light Technology.

    Solar radiation is partly reflected and partly absorbed. The EASY SHADE mask with 59% light protection still provides a very good view for the horses. A higher weave density results in a very high sun protection factor of 77% in the SUN BLOCK model, especially for pasture and paddock, as the view is not quite as comfortable as the 59% in the EASY SHADE model. Extensive practical tests as well as lots of feedback from veterinarians and horse owners have confirmed the high level of acceptance and effectiveness. There are numerous customer reviews certified by Trusted Shops for each model in the innoHorse online shop.

    Among the eye diseases for which sun protection for the horse's eye makes sense, headshaking and periodic eye inflammation are among the most important. Also to be mentioned here are convalescence after eye surgery, injuries to the cornea, conjunctivitis or the healing phase after severe sunburn.

    Headshaking is not a vice, but in many cases a neurological disease of the trigeminal nerve. Light protection masks can also be a useful aid for head shakers who have been suffering for years and can significantly reduce the level of suffering. Especially for this problem, supplementing the eye mask with a well-fitting nostril cover has proven successful for many horses.

    The VET SPECIAL mask was developed specifically for the medical sector. Thanks to their special cut, the eye does not come into contact with the material. The mask makes it possible to darken each eye individually using light-tight inserts. The standard inserts are made of smooth imitation leather, so they are not only completely tight, but also easy to clean and robust enough to protect the darkened eye against mechanical influences. Breathable inserts can also be ordered, which make wearing the mask more comfortable, especially in hot weather. All inserts are attached to the mask with Velcro strips and can be removed completely if necessary. The fabric of the VET SPECIAL light protection mask still offers 59% UV protection.

    The innoHorse light protection masks can be supplemented with nose nets made from the same materials. This makes e.g. B. for allergy sufferers as protection against inhaling pollen. A well-fitting nose cover can help head shakers to avoid or at least reduce hypersensitivity, head banging and twitching.

    However, both the innoHorse light protection mask and nose protection also offer effective protection against sunburn. In order to prevent horses with large markings on their heads from getting sunburned, they can be protected in the pasture and paddock with the sun protection products from innoHorse. Existing sunburn usually heals quickly under sun protection fabrics.

    There are different models of nostril covers, depending on whether the nostril nets are to be used while riding or in the pasture, as well as for different bridles.

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