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    To stabilize beginner riders and to correct advanced riders.

    The correct hand position is learned with OPTIHAND "Basic" during the first sitting exercises on the lunge. At the same time, the beginner can hold on to it for as long as necessary. Because if you're afraid, you can't learn.

    For advanced riders, OPTIHAND "Evolution" provides the correct sense of movement in order to become aware of and correct errors in the reins - such as covered, restless or firm hands. Feeling the right thing helps more than a thousand words.

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    Video lunge lesson with OPTIHAND

    Good riding means constant communication between horse and rider. In addition to the weight and thigh aids, the rein aids are the means of communication between the two creatures. These signals can be supplemented by the rider's voice. The rein aids support the driving aids and are always used in conjunction with them.

    The beginner in equestrian sports and OPTIHAND BASIS

    Mistakes in handling the reins have a major impact on the quality of riding and unfortunately often occur in the first riding lessons.

    Most riders start lessons on the lunge. Here the beginner can get used to the new movement situation and learn the correct position without having to control the speed and direction of the horse at the same time. In the first lunge lessons, the students usually have a lot of trouble trying not to lose their balance or even fall despite the horse's dynamic movements. In order to be able to do the sitting exercises without fear in this phase, beginner riders usually hold on with their hands while they are still very unsure. The “old-fashioned” method is to grab the riser strap of the saddle. However, this has a major disadvantage: the position of the saddle strap leads to a too low, covered hand position, too stretched arms and promotes the tendency to sit in a chair and hunched back.

    All of these problems are eliminated when using OPTIHAND BASIS. The beginner rider holds on to a sturdy “handle” that is secured by two straps over the front canopy of the saddle. The rider can stabilize himself for as long as necessary and gets used to the correct hand and body position right from the start. The fists are in the correct position, the rider can sit upright and with his elbows bent. The straps can be lengthened as training progresses until the rider sits securely in all gaits without a restraining aid.

    The advanced rider and OPTIHAND EVOLUTION

    For the advanced rider, balance should no longer be a problem after solid basic training. This makes it all the more important to work on the seat and good communication between rider and horse. A very important aspect is the hand and arm position in order to be able to give the rein aids correctly and sensitively.

    The rein aids are only intended to complement the weight and thigh aids, but as very hand-oriented creatures, riders often use their reins far too intensively. This problem can be found at every level of education. However, acting too strongly, unevenly, jerkily or in the wrong direction is very unpleasant or even painful for the horse in the sensitive mouth and head area. The aim of real training is to ride with a calm and light hand. Ideally, the rein signals are very small, barely noticeable movements.

    In reality, only a few experts achieve this perfection. Many riders therefore want to improve their hand control. With OPTIHAND EVOLUTION, problems with the rider's hand are exposed very quickly and effectively. With this tool, the rider feels what the reins should feel like. The turning of the fists when accepting the reins is illustrated by rotating handles. OPTIHAND EVOLUTION provides a calm, even control of the reins and the desired raised fists. This allows the rider to feel the correct movement pattern and at the same time observe the happier cooperation of his horse. The tool is most usefully used specifically to solve problems during riding lessons and is of course not intended for long-term use.

    BUT: If the cause of the hand problems is a seat that is not sufficiently balanced and independent of the reins, OPTIHAND EVOLUTION cannot be the solution. In this case, you need to work on these basic skills first.

    SAFETY NOTE: Avoid using the OPTIHAND tool in equestrian disciplines such as: For safety reasons, we advise against jumping training, cross-country riding and young or difficult horses. The tool should only be used on calm, experienced horses in a safe environment and a positive learning atmosphere. Appropriate care is required. innoHorse GmbH assumes no liability for personal injury, property damage or financial loss in connection with the use/application of the OPTIHAND tools.

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