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    The rider's seat is the basis of riding. Any rider will be able to confirm that a good seat is very difficult to learn and that even as an advanced rider you should continue to work on it. The seat as the basis for good, horse-friendly riding includes both the rider's posture and, in particular, the position of the hands, which always requires special attention. There are various useful learning aids to offer support to beginners on the lunge in learning the correct posture right from the start, as well as to advanced riders in eliminating errors in sitting and using aids. These are particularly suitable for riding lessons.

    When starting to learn to ride, most riding students initially feel unsafe on the horse. They want to hold on and in doing so (if they ride without reins during the first lunge lessons) they grab onto the saddle strap. Unfortunately, they get used to an incorrect hand and arm position in the first few hours, which also affects the entire rider's seat and later has to be laboriously trained out again. Here innoHorse has developed a well-thought-out aid, the Optihand Tool, which in the basic version serves as a robust handle and at the same time prepares the hands and arms for later correct rein control. In a transition phase, the rider can hold the reins and at the same time maintain security in the saddle thanks to the Optihand. Even if he loses his balance, he doesn't pull on the reins and gets back into a relaxed position more quickly on a horse that is not stressed and dulled by clumsy tugging in the mouth. If the rider already has a reasonably secure seat that is largely independent of the reins, he can use the Optihand Evolution to work on really fine and sensitive rein action, where new mistakes can easily creep in again and again.

    We offer the Optihand Evolution in a 15 cm wide version, which uses this dimension to create the desired hand width distance between the set up hands according to FN guidelines; However, if you prefer a slightly wider rein guide, you can do this with the 20 cm wide version of the Optihand tool.

    Optihand Basis for beginners and Optihand Evolution for advanced riding students can also be conveniently ordered as a set.

    Many people find it very difficult to sit upright due to the countless hours spent sitting. For riders who want to consciously work on this problem, the company BackonTrack has developed the Posture Reminder, which gently reminds you to straighten up again if you lose the upright posture of the thoracic spine. This can be worn both when riding and, for example, from time to time when working on the computer or similar activities that involve sitting.

    Another point that many riders, both beginners and advanced, can continue to work on for a long time is swinging in the saddle. The beginner notices very clearly that this is important and very difficult to learn. The advanced rider has often reached a level where he feels quite comfortable in the saddle. However, if he is pushed out of his usual movement pattern by riding with Franklin balls and then comes to a new, much more balanced sitting feeling, he can significantly improve his sitting position again through repeated practice with this aid and will certainly do so in a much more relaxed and relaxed manner feel his horse move more contentedly. (Similarly significant differences in the horse's satisfaction can be achieved by occasional riding with the Optihand tool.)

    We offer the Franklin Balls Rider Set in a complete version, but with the basic set you can of course also use the special effects of this training option. If you want to know exactly, you have the opportunity to find out more about the possible uses of Franklin balls in the corresponding book by Eckhard Meyners.

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