Fly masks

19 Products

    19 Products

    Fly masks with and without UV protection

    In the case of eye diseases, sunburn or headshaking, horses usually also need to be protected against sunlight, while healthy animals usually “only” need fly protection. Here you will find different fly protection variants for eyes, ears and/or nostrils.

    In addition to our light protection masks, we also have various types of fly masks in our range. These are useful for horses that are not sensitive to light, but need to be protected from insects in their eyes when grazing, in the paddock or while riding. The mask acts similarly to a fly screen on the window and prevents the annoying and disturbing irritation on the horse's eyes. This effectively prevents, for example, conjunctivitis or similar eye diseases that can be transmitted from animal to animal. Fly masks can also help with itchy eyes against mechanical stress, for example after eye surgery.

    All fly protection masks offered here have been tested by our employees on their own horses and considered recommended.

    As with other products, every horse (and every owner) has their own preferences and so eye protection is sufficient for some, while for others ear protection or a nostril cover should also be included. The nostril protection is sometimes sewn on, but in other versions it can also be removed. The material ranges from robust and strong to very light and loosely woven. Animals with sensitive skin can tolerate a soft faux fur edge better than harder edges. There are also different options for the cut, from very wide and open to tight-fitting. This should also be taken into account for horses with a thick head; masks with ear caps may not fit well here. In some stables it is also important to combine the fly repellent directly with the halter, be it to shorten the work process during the paddock, or to secure the insect protection on the horse's head despite playful pasture mates. Or - on the contrary - it can be important to prevent masks and halters from getting stuck in the stable or on the paddock etc.

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