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innoHorse - online, but still personal!

In our special range you will find new products, useful developments, solutions for special requirements and clever ideas about horses and riders. Quality and customer service are our top priority. High-quality products and short delivery times are just as much a given as expert advice from direct contacts and quick responses to inquiries.

How it all began

Christel Helmstetter-Kaikhosrowi, the managing director of innoHorse, owned a successful dressage horse at the end of the 1990s, but unfortunately it suffered from headshaking syndrome. For many weeks of the year - mainly in spring - the horse was no longer rideable and it was impossible to even think about starting a tournament. Sunlight appeared to be the main trigger of the symptoms.

In search of a solution to this problem, Christel Helmstetter-Kaikhosrowi developed the first light protection mask. She was accompanied by Dr. Christian Bingold, specialist equine veterinarian from the Großostheim Horse Clinic, supported. Encouraged by the positive results when using this mask, Christel Helmstetter-Kaikhosrowi began selling this product shortly afterwards. The new development was very well received by veterinarians and horse owners. Through the exchange of experiences, additional light protection mask models and various nostril covers were created. With the “Nose Cover” Christel Helmstetter-Kaikhosrowi’s dressage horse achieved such a significant improvement that the headshaking symptoms completely disappeared while riding.

In 2005, innoHorse became a GmbH and the special range has been continuously expanded since then. All items are tested extensively before being sold, if necessary in collaboration with veterinarians. Today, innoHorse's own products are still manufactured locally in Germany. This means that special customer requests can also be met, such as: B. Custom-made products or repairs. In addition to numerous horse owners, innoHorse's customer base includes many renowned veterinarians and horse clinics as well as specialist retailers.

All innoHorse employees are active in equestrian sports and most of them are horse owners themselves. That's why we're particularly happy when we can once again help a horse with our products or simply contribute to the joy of this beautiful sport.

Your contacts at innoHorse:

Gaby Zwießler

Gaby (here with her greyhound "Pino") has been part of the innoHorse GmbH team since the beginning. She was an enthusiastic rider from an early age and later became a horse owner herself. A pony and a Haflinger had their stable directly behind the house. Both of them are now in horse heaven, but Gaby remains closely connected to equestrian sports through her riding daughter and granddaughter.

Melina Hasenstab

Melina started attending horse shows as a teenager and later switched to western riding with “Blanca”, who can be seen in the photo. She is married to a former show jumper, who now devotes more time to driving. The family has its own stable with four horses, and the two daughters also ride.

Christel Helmstetter-Kaikhosrowi

According to her parents, the founder and managing director of innoHorse was already in the saddle before she could walk. The family has its own riding stable and so Christel grew up surrounded by horses. As a teenager she started taking part in dressage and show jumping competitions, but later shifted her focus exclusively to dressage. In her free time she still rides regularly and with great joy, but has no further ambitions to compete. In addition, as a trainer B (FN) / focus on dressage, she dedicates herself a little to promoting young talent.

Meggie jewelry

Meggie has also been a horse person for many years and currently owns the chestnut gelding "Fernando" with a strong talent for dressage. Competition riding is not her thing, but you can also have a lot of fun doing dressage work at home