Nostril nets for horses - differences and areas of application

There are several reasons to use a nostril guard on your horse.

Such an aid is often used to alleviate the symptoms of horses affected by headshaking. Here, the nostril protection usefully complements thelight protection mask .
A second important area of ​​application is to protect the sensitive mouth area of ​​horses with very light skin or pronounced markings to prevent sunburn.

The nostril covers can also reduce pollen and dust levels in horses with respiratory problems or allergies, provided they are woven tightly enough.

Nostril protection must also meet different criteria for different purposes:

  • When used at work, good air permeability is required. The protection must remain in place and must not flap around even when walking quickly.
  • However, if it is to help against dust and pollen, the fabric must be much denser.
  • To protect against sunburn, the nose net should have a high level of UV protection.
  • In the pasture, a nostril net has to withstand much greater mechanical stress than when riding.
  • With headshakers, it is particularly important that the nostril cover fits correctly in order to have any effect.
  • In some cases it makes sense to use the nostril protection in combination with alight protection mask , e.g. B. with light-induced headshaking (photic headshaking).

That's why innoHorse GmbH offers different types of nostril covers in several sizes from mini-shetty to cold blood.

For protection in the pasture or paddock, there is the very robust “Nose Shade” made from a material with 77% light protection. This has a leather reinforcement in the lower area in order to be able to withstand the mechanical stress of grazing, rubbing your nose, etc. for as long as possible. This nostril cover can be attached to a normal halter or a safety halter (see “Lightweight” and “EQ-Stretch”) using generously long Velcro straps.
You also have the option of attaching the “Nose Shade” directly to one of theinnoHorse light protection masks (with sewn-in Velcro) using the intermediate “ connector” if a halter cannot or should not be worn.
This solution is very flexible because - depending on your needs - different nostril nets can be attached to the mask.
(Here is further information on how to attach the innoHorse nostril nets to the innoHorse mask using a connector.)

“Nose Screen” is made of the same material as “Nose Shade”, but is cut shorter. This model with 77% sun protection is mainly used against sunburn on the bridge of the nose and the nostril area.

The “Nose Cover” for use when the horse is working consists of a fabric with 59% light protection, which is not quite as densely woven as “Nose Shade” for pasture and therefore allows breathing air to pass through well. This nostril cover is available in different versions for different nosebands (English combination, Hanoverian noseband, bridle without noseband) or a cavesson. Especially with headshakers, the nostril protection should sit relatively close to the nostrils and upper lip in order to be able to help effectively. This is made possible by the different variants and sizes with the adjustable Velcro fasteners.

The innoHorse nostril nets are the result of continuous development and years of experience with the needs of different horses. As a rule, the nose nets are very helpful, as the many positive feedback from customers confirm, but they must fit well and be used correctly. The enclosed instructions for use explain what to pay attention to in each case. Customer reviews of the respective item can be found in the online shop

(Here you can go directly to an overview of the different innoHorse nostril covers.)

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