New: GREENGUARD halter with Velcro fastener

The GREENGUARD pasture muzzle has proven itself for many years in limiting the green feed intake of horses.

Grazing too quickly or being overweight through the paddock can lead to serious illnesses in horses. And if you have existing illnesses, such as: B. Laminitis, EMS, or Cushing's, it is even more important to specifically limit the intake of green fodder.

The GREENGUARD pasture muzzle has been used by many horse owners for years as a "feeding brake" temporarily or throughout the entire grazing season.

The muzzle can be attached to a normal stable halter, but the GREENGUARD special halter ensures an even better fit. It has an additional strap vertically across the forehead/nose bridge to prevent the noseband from slipping down. There is a ring in the middle of the noseband in which the muzzle can be attached. Padding on the neck and bridge of the nose ensure a high level of comfort.

This special halter has recently been available with an additional Velcro fastener below the buckle of the neck strap. It is now available at .

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