Research project for headshakers

At the Hannover University of Veterinary Medicine, owners of headshakers can have their horses examined by specialists for this syndrome. Research on this topic has been going on there for 15 years. The horse is admitted to hospital and undergoes a daily examination; the owners have to pay a contribution of €2,500. In the case of idiopathic headshaking originating from the trigeminal nerve, PENS therapy (percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is included in the price. In addition to finding the cause in each horse, knowledge about the disease expands with each new case. Therefore, the university bears part of the total costs.

More information is available directly from the Hannover University of Veterinary Medicine .

In addition, the light protection masks and nostril nets from innoHorse GmbH listed below have proven successful for many affected horses for years in order to make the symptoms more bearable for the horses.

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