TSM Padded Bandage for Hock (single)

Supplier: AET Order number: 726x-2252.KP.l

Please measure the circumference in the widest position above the center of the joint!

Größe (Umfang) / Size (Circumf.):

Seite / Side:

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A protection against traumatic impacts on the hock region. the support covers the hock and... more
Product information "TSM Padded Bandage for Hock (single)"
A protection against traumatic impacts on the hock region.
  • the support covers the hock and the adjacent tibia and cannon areas
  • rests on the fetlock thus ensuring a good fit
  • fixed by velcro fasteners
  • a special stretch zone allows unlimited bending of the joint
  • additional neoprene padding to protect the interior structures of the joint (tuber calcaneus, bursa synovialis, tendon sheath, skin) against impacts, blows or pressure
  • color: black
  • insulating layer 5 mm
Please measure the circumference above the middle of the joint where it is widest! The side designation is seen from the horse's point of view.

TSM-Support Bandages for hock, carpus or fetlock offer an exceptional quality regarding:
  • improves blood circulation
  • mild on skin
  • regulated sweat production and body heat
  • supports and activates muscles
Typical range of application of TSM-Support Bandages for horses: arthrosis (e.g. spavin), epiphysitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries of tendons or ligaments, windgalls, bursitis, curby hock, problems of the origin of the suspensory ligament, of the support ligament of the flexor tendon, of the splint bones, sprains and contusions, after surgery.

TSM-Support Bandages made of neoprene with characteristics improving blood circulation have successfully been used for humans in therapy / rehabilitation and in prophylaxis (Producer AET is the official outfitter of the German national volleyball team).
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