OPTIHAND "basis" - Learning aid for beginners

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For stabilization and as a handhold during first lunge lessons. This patented tool shows... more
Product information "OPTIHAND "basis" - Learning aid for beginners"

For stabilization and as a handhold during first lunge lessons. This patented tool shows significant advantages in comparison to the traditional method of beginners holding onto the saddle strap.

Materials: wood, stainless steel snap-hook, webbing
Weight (without straps): 163 g

Application in the first lunge lessons:

  • Optihand Basis offers a very good support due to being fastened to the saddle on both sides and due to the very robust construction.
  • Upright hands, angled elbows and straight back are learned from the very beginning.
  • No more hands facing downwards, outstretched arms and rounded backs that can often be seen when holding onto the saddle strap.
  • When practicing riding freehand the tool can simply be laid down on the horse´s neck.
  • Mistakes that riders become accustomed to in their basic training will impede progress in later stages of learning and are very difficult to correct. Therefore, it is of the essence to learn a correct seat and hand position from the very beginning!

Major difference between Optihand Basis and Optihand Evolution:

  • Optihand Basis is fixed to the saddle by means of two adjustable straps with hooks. Therefore, this tool offers a great vertical and horizontal stability to the novice rider.
  • Optihand Basis does not have rotatable handles, since in the very beginning of the learning process these are not needed.
  • Optihand Basis is not suitable for advanced riders, as at more advanced stage of training the rider needs a more flexible hand. Therefore, Optihand Evolution should be used in such cases to convey the right feeling for the rein aids.
  • Optihand Evolution consists of a U-shaped construction made of stainless steel with soft padded handles; Optihand Basis is a sturdy wooden handle.
You can find more detailed Information about both Optihand Tools here and in the links downloads below.

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