Franklin Balls for Riders - Basic Set

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“Best of” Set with the most frequently used Franklin Balls/Rolls for riding lessons. The... more
Product information "Franklin Balls for Riders - Basic Set"

“Best of” Set with the most frequently used Franklin Balls/Rolls for riding lessons.

The Basic Set includes:
2 original Franklin balls
1 Franklin mini roll
2 Franklin universal mini balls
1 ball pump
1 cloth bag
1 application instructions

To dissolve muscular tensions and to feel and correct false motion patterns and seat problems.

The balls that are filled with water or air are placed under the thighs, arms or buttocks. The rider´s changed posture and seat results in more mobility, tensions and joint blockades can be dissolved. The changed body awareness makes the rider get conscious of his seat problems and new movement options will emerge. 

Riders often don´t notice their crooked or stiff posture, because the human brain always tends to compensate for this. One quickly gets used to this “wrong” body sensation until it feels completely normal and correct. Riding with Franklin balls can give the rider an experience of the way it should feel when sitting correctly. In accordance with the teachings of Eckart Meyners, the rider´s seat is to be considered as a complex, coherent system.

(Personal experience from everyday practice)

You can find even more detailed information in the book “Reiten mit Franklin Bällen” by Eckart Meyners, which you can also order right here!

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