New addition: Trainer Audio System PREMIUM 120

The new Trainer Audio System PREMIUM 120 impresses with its small dimensions and long range. The transmission quality also leaves nothing to be desired.

You too can optimize your training and preparation on the tournament field through direct and trouble-free communication! (more info...)

Why is radio-supported training useful?

Learning success and performance suffer when the riding student is distracted by background noise, other riders or their own thoughts. The “riding instructor in your ear” can help the student to concentrate better during riding lessons, as the trainer is very close and present. This has a positive effect on less experienced riders as well as on top athletes.

Very loud instructions, which can cause stress for some riders, are no longer necessary with a radio system. The instructor speaks at a normal, relaxed volume and protects his vocal cords. Several riding instructors can easily teach at the same time, do not disturb each other and reach their own students directly.

Questions because a command was not understood are a thing of the past and riding lessons become much more effective.

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