Riding instructor radio systems: Legal radio frequencies even after 2015?

Legal radio frequencies after 2015 also important for riders!

During autumn and winter training, numerous riders and sometimes several instructors often use the riding arena at the same time. Anyone who uses a riding instructor radio system in this situation can still enjoy undisturbed riding lessons.

If you are also thinking about purchasing radio devices or already have a communication system, it is advisable to check whether the radio system can still be used legally after 2015. The reason for this is a reorganization of the radio frequencies by the Federal Network Agency (read more about this).

The good news: Even after the new regulations, all radio systems offered by innoHorse can continue to be operated without registration and fees.

Regulation of radio frequencies:
A radio system uses a specific frequency to send signals between the microphone and receiver. In Germany there are legal requirements as to which frequencies a device can transmit. Any radio microphone that transmits outside the approved frequencies is illegal and its operation may result in a penalty.

Current situation:
So far, manufacturers have been allowed to choose radio microphone frequencies between 790 to 814 MHz and 838 to 862 MHz. However, in 2010, the federal government auctioned them off to mobile phone companies. These now use some of the frequencies for LTE technology, which enables a broadband connection to the Internet in rural areas, for example. Although the current radio microphone frequencies are guaranteed until 2015, there are already significant regional impairments in the transmission of radio signals through LTE.

Location as of 2016:
From 2016, the so-called LTE center gaps between 823 and 832 MHz will continue to be usable. The new frequencies from 863 to 865 MHz will also be usable. Unlike these areas, however, it is then necessary to register for a fee on the other previous radio microphone frequencies. This also applies to wireless microphones that are already in use today. An exception are devices whose transmission power does not exceed 10 mW, as they continue to be registration and fee-free (the trainer audio systems from innoHorse meet these requirements.) In addition, operation on the frequencies 710 - 790 MHz is possible, but registration is also required and technical not optimal.

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