Sunburn on horses - protect and prevent it sustainably!

Everyone is looking forward to summer and the sun. But UV rays can not only cause damage to humans; horses are also often affected by sunburn.

The unpigmented areas of the skin are at risk, e.g. B. large blazes, pinkish-whitish nostrils and light areas around the eye. Horses with certain coat colors (such as piebalds, crèmes, etc.) are particularly susceptible to sunburn.

It is a truism that horses need shade in the pasture in summer. But sometimes that is not enough and the first reddening of the skin appears, which, if left untreated, can quickly develop into blisters and weeping sores. This skin damage is very painful for the horses and can even lead to no fur growing on the affected skin areas.

Therefore, you should act quickly at the first signs. First aid can be provided with a mild healing ointment or zinc paste. In the case of severe burns and inflammation, a veterinarian should be consulted. The horse must then be continuously protected in the sensitive areas. Sunscreens are easily wiped off and should not be applied to already inflamed or damaged skin. Light-reducing head masks and nets for the nostril area made of special fabric offer lasting protection.

In addition to the sun, so-called “photosensitizers” can also cause hypersensitivity to light. These include St. John's wort, buckwheat, goldenrod and some types of clover.

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