Riding instructor radio systems: So viewers can listen in on courses!

Many trainers are now taking advantage of radio-supported riding lessons. Here, riding instructors and riding students are connected via a radio system and headset. The coach can speak at a normal volume and the student understands all instructions perfectly.

However, interested spectators can no longer hear the trainer's corrections and instructions. In some courses this is required; with well-known instructors, watching or listening is sometimes even chargeable.

The solution:

Our radio systems CEECOACH and TRAINER AUDIO SYSTEM PREMIUM 120 can be connected to an active loudspeaker box using an additional receiver device, which then transmits the communication to the audience area.

Most commercially available active boxes can be used here. However, you should pay attention to a few points before buying:

  • We recommend using robust outdoor boxes that are protected against dust and water. An alternative are indoor boxes with a protective cover.
  • To connect the radio receiver device to the box, a cable with a 3.5 mm stereo jack plug is also required.
  • If there is no power supply, battery-operated loudspeakers are also available in stores.
  • The power of the box must match the size of the area to be covered with sound.

Some active speakers have additional features such as radio reception or a connection for a smartphone. In addition to being used in training courses, these boxes can also be used to provide musical accompaniment to daily training.

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