Riding with Franklin Balls

The idea behind the colorful balls, which are now spreading across more and more riding facilities, is as simple as it is ingenious.

The Swiss Eric Franklin developed various sports equipment in his Institute for Movement Education with the aim of helping athletes feel themselves better and therefore move better.

This approach was transferred to equestrian sport by movement expert Eckart Meyners. Different balls are placed on different parts of the body and intentionally "disturb" the rider's usual body feeling.

The new stimuli activate different muscles and fascia than usual, the rider becomes looser and more sensitive to his own influences. At the same time, the brain is stimulated to look for new solutions to maintain balance.

After using the Franklin balls, the rider has more options for movement and body awareness is improved. On this basis, seat corrections are easier for the rider to implement.

We convinced ourselves of the amazing effect of these training aids through self-experimentation and have therefore included the Franklin Balls Rider Set in our range.

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