Product announcement OPTIHAND


Sitting training during beginner lunge lessons with OPTIHAND BASIS:

  • serves to hold and stabilize the riding novice until he can sit freely and balanced
  • Raised hands, correct hand position and bent elbows are trained at the same time
  • prevents hidden fists and hunched backs, which are often the result of the “usual” holding on to the saddle strap

Training for advanced riders with OPTIHAND EVOLUTION:

  • for temporary correction of incorrect hand position and rein action during riding lessons
  • provides positive impulses when feeling the right movement pattern
  • Rotatable handles make it easy to learn how to turn the reins fist in and out from a loose wrist


The goal of every ambitious rider: A correct, balanced seat with an independent, fine hand.

The patented innovation OPTIHAND was developed to make it easier to learn the posture and action of the rider's hand. The U-shaped construction is held by the rider in both hands using the padded handles. OPTIHAND is attached to the saddle with length-adjustable straps and hooks.

OPTIHAND BASIS helps beginners to internalize the correct hand position and rein action right from the start. Since new riders still have to hold on during the first lunge sitting exercises, they are often instructed to grab the strap on the saddle. But this inevitably involves assuming a hidden hand position. The low position of the saddle strap also promotes the undesirable round back and the tendency to sit in a chair. With the tool, the rider can also hold on, but at the same time learns the correct hand posture and position right from the start, and the stretched, balanced seat is promoted.

Advanced riders who have persistent errors in hand position and rein action (such as latches, covered or restless hands, etc.). benefit from the possibilities of the OPTIHAND EVOLUTION riding aid. The handles can be rotated so that accepting and giving in the reins can be specifically trained by turning the raised hands in and out from the loose wrist. Even finer rein aids by squeezing the hand are possible thanks to the soft, rubbery padding. The rider is often not aware of how much he is disturbing his horse by using too strong, too one-sided or other incorrect hand influences. In this case, OPTIHAND can provide valuable impetus if it is used briefly for demonstration or correction as part of riding lessons and sitting training. For experienced riders, the attachment to the saddle only serves as a safeguard against falling, e.g. B. when re-belting.

OPTIHAND EVOLUTION combines the learning effects of conventional aids (such as a bridle, sticks in the hands, whip under the thumb, etc.) in one product and is expected to be available from mid-August 2017.

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