New padded bandages for the horse's front and hind wrists

Attaching bandages to a horse's joint area is a real challenge. On the one hand, they must not slip, but on the other hand, they cannot be wrapped too tightly, otherwise the horse will no longer be able to bend his leg.

This becomes even more difficult if the bandage is supposed to cushion the joint, because the thicker and heavier the padding is, the faster the whole thing slips.

The new TSM padded bandages for the carpal and ankle joints offer a very effective solution to this problem. There is a stable, thick poster layer directly above the joint, but it does not restrict the mobility of the horse's leg. The bandage is extended downwards and sits on the fetlock head, thereby preventing slipping. It is made of special neoprene material ( properties ) and is attached with several Velcro fasteners. In addition, if necessary, targeted heat or cold supply is possible using Velcro gel pads.

The TSM padded bandages for horses offer lasting protection against traumatic effects on the forefoot or ankle joint. They are also characterized by very good skin compatibility. The manufacturer AET has been producing orthopedic bandages for the human sector for a long time and equips numerous top athletes. Our horses can now also benefit from this experience!

Typical areas of application:

Osteoarthritis (e.g. Spat), bile, inflammation of the long plantar ligament (rabbit hoe), tendonitis, bursitis (e.g. Piephacke), for rehabilitation after operations and injuries, repeated falls on the forehand due to narcolepsy.

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