Light protection masks with sewn-on nostril protection

The various nostril nets can be attached to the innoHorse light protection masks using a connector (combination: mask + connector + nostril protection).

Occasionally, customers ask why we don't sew the nostril covers directly onto the masks, as you see with many fly masks in stores. Of course we thought about it, but ultimately decided against such a complete mask. For the following reasons:

1. Due to its exposed position on the horse's head, the nose guard is a popular toy for pasture colleagues and is also subject to a lot of wear and tear. We make the wicker version NOSE SHADE as robust as possible with a textile product. Nevertheless, the wear is inevitably greater here than with the innoHorse eye masks.
If we were to sew both products together, if the nose protection were defective, the eye protection mask would also be affected. The innoHorse light protection masks are certainly worth their price, but they are not cheap. And it would be a shame if the high-quality eye mask were unnecessarily damaged.

2. The “kit concept” of the innoHorse light protection masks and nostril covers gives customers the opportunity to combine the different items depending on the area of ​​application. So can e.g. For example, an EASY SHADE mask can be used first when riding with the NOSE COVER and then in the pasture with the NOSE SHADE. Likewise, the nose net and mask can be used individually if the weather or other influences require this.

3. For horses affected by headshaking, the nasal nets must be quite tight to achieve the desired effect. If the nostril protection were sewn directly to the mask, the horse owner would have little opportunity to correctly adjust the position of the nose net.

We have therefore decided not to sew the nostril nets onto the innoHorse light protection masks from the outset. However, we are always happy to receive suggestions from our customers and many suggestions have already been implemented.

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