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Field report fly protection mask easy shade 59% from innoHorse

In summer, most horses are on pasture day and night, as is their nature. This time is often marred by annoying insects that can spread bacteria and roundworms and are also considered carriers of diseases such as infectious anemia (contagious anemia).

Fly protection masks are useful as a preventative measure to avoid eye problems and for sick or sensitive horses. Especially when there is a high number of insects, you often see horses trying to ward off flies by monotonously banging their heads. Wearing a fly mask brings peace to the horse and thereby significantly improves its quality of life, it serves as a preventive measure to avoid eye problems and also helps horses that are sensitive to light (headshaking, sunburn) or have eczema that is very sensitive in the head area.

Because horses' heads are so sensitive and a fly mask is often worn for many hours or even around the clock, a good fit is essential. A protective mask must not chafe and should be appropriately curved in the eye area so that no irritation can arise from touching it. Experience has shown that a mask can be a little larger rather than too small. Another important point is safety: although a fly mask should be relatively sturdy, it should not be made of absolutely tear-resistant material. If the horse accidentally gets its hoof into the mask or gets caught on an object (fence post, twigs, etc.), serious strains and even accidents and injuries could result.

Easy shade 59% with ear protection part

A fly mask with ears is needed for an eczema Welsh Mountain Pony because the pony often rubs the skin around its eyes and ears sore.

The company InnoHorse offers innovative products for horses and riders and specializes in helpful products for or after eye diseases, as well as very high-quality eye protection masks that not only keep insects away but also offer UV protection for light-sensitive horses and act like sunglasses. The first contact by email is helpful, as the customer receives prompt, friendly and competent advice. It proves to be an advantage that the employees are experienced “horse people”, because this makes it easy to determine the right mask for the respective problem - in this case the “easy shade” fly mask with 59% UV protection with ear protection. The fact that our own products are manufactured in Germany is a positive aspect, meaning that custom-made products, repairs or changes are also possible. Due to the quick processing and immediate shipping, the pony can wear the new mask just two days later.

Pleasant material

In fact, the first impression makes it clear that easy shade is not a conventional fly mask, because not only the visual but also the haptic perception can be described as very pleasant. The latter is particularly important for the pony because it is very sensitive in the head area. The skin on the horse's head is also very thin - rubbing or pressure points in this area could cause enormous discomfort. When buying a fly mask, you should also keep in mind that an unsuitable mask can give the horse headaches, which subsequently leads to tension.

The seams of the mask are carefully crafted, the material is permeable to air and the edges of the fabric are particularly soft to prevent chafing. Stable Velcro fasteners in the neck and gaiter areas enable individual adjustment and ensure that the mask opens in an emergency under strong force. The mask is cut appropriately wide in the eye area so that it does not hinder the horse. The fabric of the ear protection part is also made of comfortable, air-permeable and elastic material and makes a stable impression.

Safety for the horse

The enclosed usage and safety instructions for the correct use of fly protection masks are very horse-friendly. In particular, young or anxious horses who are not yet familiar with fly masks should only be introduced to them slowly and initially under supervision to avoid overreactions. The behavior of other members of the herd should also be observed initially if they are inexperienced animals. It also requires a period of getting used to wearing the mask while riding. It is important to respond individually to the needs of each horse. In this case, however, the pony is already used to wearing a fly mask and even “asks” to put it on by willingly holding out his head.

After putting on the easy shade mask, the banging of the head to drive away the insects immediately stops. The pony obviously feels very comfortable with the new mask and after just a few days the chafing in the head area has healed again. Wearing the mask around the clock during extreme insect flight also proved to be problem-free - in fact, the latter was even detected in the dark.

Easy shade is not machine washable, but can be easily cleaned by hand with warm water and, if heavily soiled, with a gentle detergent if necessary. If the mask is then hung up dry and airy, it will dry very quickly - this is advisable even if it got wet while wearing it.


Even after a few months, the material from easy shade proves to be very comfortable but still stable. No damage, frayed seams or wear have been observed so far. It can easily withstand heavy rolling, and dust and dirt will easily fall off afterwards. Even at high temperatures, the pony doesn't sweat under the breathable fabric. The wide Velcro fasteners still stick as well as they did on the first day and are noticeably free of dirt. As experience shows, the Velcro fasteners on cheaper masks are often a weak point. On some masks from other manufacturers, the Velcro fasteners quickly became very dirty or unusable, and with fly masks “off the shelf” the mesh material sometimes became damaged after just a short time.

The pony only took off the mask once, but as described above, this is to protect against unwanted snagging and can therefore happen from time to time. From the author's point of view, the price-performance ratio can be described as very good, as easy shade is characterized by a long service life, special functionality, good quality and comfort for the pony.

Easy Shade is therefore recommended not only for very sensitive or light-sensitive horses (also available with nostril protection for headshakers) but also as “normal” insect protection or for horses that wear the mask 24 hours for organizational reasons.

Text: Meike Bölts

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