COAT KING - makes work easier when changing coats

It's almost that time again: the horses are starting to lose their winter coats. As every year, the owner faces “hairy times” because the thick fur that is no longer needed has to be painstakingly cleaned out and you are then covered in horse hair yourself.

The COAT KING fur changing curry comb makes work much easier because it is pulled over the hair coat with just light pressure. The curry comb captures the loose hair in large quantities and removes it painlessly from the fur. You can then simply remove the accumulated hair by hand. The special stainless steel blades are designed and curved in such a way that there is no risk of injury to either the horse or the person.

There are different models of the COAT KING for the different horse and pony breeds, because an open stable pony naturally has a different coat than a warm-blooded horse that is mainly kept in a box. That's why it's best to choose the COAT KING with 30 blades for a thick, long coat and the version with 60 blades for horses with finer coats. If necessary, replacement blades can be ordered for all versions of the tool and can be replaced simply by opening the side screws.

Tip: The COAT KING is also very suitable for grooming dogs!

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