CEECOACH 2, the new generation

The CEECOACH devices have conquered equestrian sports in recent years and are also used in many other sports for comfortable group communication.

The further developed model "CEECOACH 2" enables communication between trainer and rider without any cables because it is compatible with Bluetooth headsets.

Another big advantage: CEECOACH 2 can be operated together with the previous CEECOACH 1 devices if necessary.

The range of accessories has also been expanded so that numerous different headsets, a special windscreen for the microphone on wired headsets and various spare parts are now available.

Available models:

  • CEECOACH 2 Kit Duo
    Complete system for individual lessons
  • CEECOACH 2 Kit Single
    Single expansion device for group lessons

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New CEECOACH accessories:

  • CEECOACH headband stereo headset
  • CEECOACH standard stereo headset
  • JABRA Bluetooth Headset STEEL for CEECOACH 2
  • JABRA Bluetooth Headset BT2047
  • Replacement belt clip for CEECOACH
  • Microphone windscreen for wired JABRA and CEECOACH headsets

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New software for all CEECOACH devices:

CEECOACHES should be updated regularly and devices shared in a group should have the same software version. The latest software version 02.06 contains the following changes:

  • If there were more than two participants, there were occasional audio disruptions for the listening participants. This will be fixed with software version 02.06.
  • CEECOACH can now be operated with a connected power supply (e.g. power bank).
  • With the update to v02.06, CEECOACH 2 can load significantly faster.
  • Improved audio echo suppression for cable headsets. All CEECOACHES used must receive the new version, as the echo is caused by the respective opposite side.
  • Optimized charge status announcements
  • Adjusted the connection setup to some other Bluetooth headset models

You can find the latest CEECOACH software and instructions to download here:

We would be happy to advise you on the products presented. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 09374/797111 or via our online form !

You can find detailed information, ordering options and the entire range of our equestrian special shipping in our online shop www.innohorse.de .

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