Properties of CEECOACH 1 and CEECOACH 2:

More and more equestrians use radio communication systems for optimizing training and for sparing their voice. For this purpose, the CEECOACH devices manufactured by Peiker Consumer Electronic Evolution GmbH have become increasingly popular. These systems use the interference-free Bluetooth technology for voice transmission from riding instructor to student. If needed, the CEECOACH devices can be configured in such a way that the rider can talk back. Transmission range is up to 500 m. Thus, CEECOACH can be used also in disciplines of equestrian sports in which larger distances have to be bridged, eg in the cross-country training of eventers, by carriage drivers or on the oval track of Icelandic horses riders.

All accessories needed for private lessons are included in the delivery of CEECOACH Kit Duo. CEECOACH Kit Single allows adding single devices for group lessons. Up to 6 CEECOACH units can be operated in one communication group.

All CEECOACH systems are easy to operate, reliable and robust.

Differences between CEECOACH 1 and CEECOACH 2:

CEECOACH 1 is exclusively designed for operation with corded headsets. You should ensure that also in faster gaits the headsets/earphones are fitted snugly to the ear. The CEECOACH Stereo Headsets as well as the also available CEECOACH Stereo Headsets with ear hooks fulfill this requirement. The advantage of wired headsets is that they don't have to be charged separately, since they don't have a rechargeable battery of their own.

In contrast to that, CEECOACH 2 can also be used with wireless Bluetooth headsets. Several varieties can be delivered, up to very robust, waterproof, dust protected and shock resistant models. During the initial commissioning, the CEECOACH device and the wireless headset must be paired. This “pair” must then always be operated together. Therefore, it is advisable to color code the paired units.

The delivery of CEECOACH 2 Kit Duo includes two wired headsets. This is very sensitive, when during a riding lesson the battery of a Bluetooth headset is exhausted. In this case, a wired headset can be used temporarily to continue training without interruption.

CEECOACH 1 and CEECOACH 2 can be used in combination without problem, but care should be taken that all devices are equipped with identical software versions. (Link to software update: https://www.peiker-cee.de/seite/softwareupdate )

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