10 years of innoHorse GmbH

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of innoHorse GmbH, we would like to thank our customers very much! Through the interesting conversations and feedback, you have made a significant contribution to optimizing the product range and customer service and will certainly continue to do so.
A big thank you also to our business partners for the constructive cooperation!

How it all began:
A “own need” provided the initial spark for the business idea. Christel Helmstetter, now managing director of innoHorse GmbH, owned a very talented, successful dressage horse at the end of the 1990s, which was unfortunately affected by headshaking syndrome. The disease was hardly known at the time, but with the help of veterinarian Dr. Christian Bingold was able to clearly diagnose it.
After drug therapy was unsuccessful, Christel Helmstetter looked for another solution and, after extensive research and a lot of tinkering, developed the first light protection mask. Encouraged by the positive effect of the mask and the realization that this product would also be helpful for other horse owners, a sole proprietorship was founded and the distribution of the masks began. After a short time - in collaboration with Dr. Bingold - other variants of the light protection masks as well as the “Nose Cover” are manufactured.
The range gradually grew and additional employees were hired. These are all horse people themselves, which means we can offer our customers competent contacts with the necessary background.
The logical consequence of the company's development was the transformation into a GmbH at the beginning of 2005, which is currently celebrating its tenth anniversary. Of course, we celebrated this event with a company party! And our newsletter recipients and Facebook followers can also expect a special promotion in the next few days as a thank you for their loyalty. In the future, we want to remain true to our concept and continuously keep our offering and customer service at a high level. We are already looking forward to the next 10 years of innoHorse GmbH!

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