Light Protection Masks with attached nostrils protection

Different kinds of nose covers can be attached to the innoHorse light protection masks by means of a connecting strip (combination: mask + connector + nose cover)

Sometimes customers ask why we don´t attach our nose covers directly to the masks, the way you see in numerous fly mask commercially available. Of course we thought about this, but in the end opted against this type of complete mask. We made this decision for the following reasons:

1. Owing to its exposed position on the horse´s head, the nose cover is a favourite toy for grazing pals and is subject to heavy wear at all times. Our version NOSE SHADE is produced especially to be worn on pasture and as sturdy and robust as possible for a textile product. Nevertheless, wear and tear is necessarily more excessive than in innoHorse light protection masks. If we were to attach both products to each other by means of sewing, a damage of the nose cover would always also affect the light protection mask. The innoHorse light protection masks are worth their price, but cannot be considered low-priced. Therefore it would be a shame, if such a high-quality eye protection was damaged unnecessarily.

2. The „assembly-kit concept“ of the innoHorse light protection masks and nose covers gives our customers the opportunity of combining the various articles depending on the area of use. Therefore you can first use the EASY SHADE mask while riding combined with a NOSE COVER and afterwards use the same mask on pasture in combination with a NOSE SHADE. Also nose cover and mask can be used individually, if the weather or other circumstances call for this.

3. The nose nets have to be adjusted very snugly if worn by horses suffering from headshaking. If the nose cover were sewn firmly to the mask, the horse´s owner would not be able to adjust the position of the nose net exactly as needed.

Therefore we decided to continue not sewing the nose covers firmly to the light protection masks. But we are always open for ideas from our customers and a variety of suggestions have been realized over the years.

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