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Tubbease Treatment Hoof Boot for Horses

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Tubbease TM   was designed in New Zealand as a breathable hoof protection for the... more
Product information "Tubbease Treatment Hoof Boot for Horses"

TubbeaseTM  was designed in New Zealand as a breathable hoof protection for the treatment of hooves with problems (e.g. white line disease or abscess, also for relief and pain reduction in cases of laminitis or high sensitivity in the hoof). Tubbease is fixed optimally to the horse´s leg using the velcro strap included in the delivery.

TubbeaseTM  is a treatment hoof boot conceived for one-off use treating problem hooves, therefore not for riding or working the horse in any other way, but for horses with a limited radius of action and, if possible, only for resting in the stable. Depending on the duration of use TubbeaseTM can be reused, but this depends on the strain, duration of use and the wear it was exposed to.

The right size is determined by measuring the widest diameter of the hoof sole. This can be either the width or length of the hoof. The range of article sizes available for selection constitute the interior diameter of the hoof boot. The measurement of the hoof sole should be somewhat smaller than the selected hoof boot size but correspond closely.

  • No moist-warm climate in the boot since air can escape upwards.
  • The rubber coated bottom part prevents moisture seeping in from the ground and at the same time ensures that the treatment fluids stay around the hoof.
  • The hoof keeps its natural stability thanks to the optimal climate within the boot.
  • An EVA insole can be ordered additionally but is not included in the delivery. The insole will diminish the pressure pain in the hoof (e.g. for white line disease) and simultaneously prolongs the product life time of TubbeaseTM .
  • Different medications and remedies for treating hoof injuries, white line disease, abscesses, thrush etc. can be used in the TubbeaseTM  hoof boot.
  • TubbeaseTM  design is protected (NZ 417646).

Delivery includes: 1 Hoof Boot, 1 Velcro Strap

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