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Trainer Audio System PREMIUM 120 / Battery Operation

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Battery-operated transmitter/receiver system Extremely small, light-weight gadgets (85 x 42 x... more
Product information "Trainer Audio System PREMIUM 120 / Battery Operation"
  • Battery-operated transmitter/receiver system
  • Extremely small, light-weight gadgets (85 x 42 x 24 mm) for equestrian coaching
  • Complete solution for one-to-one lessons with all necessary accessories
  • One-way system optimized for interference-free language transmission in even the most demanding environments
  • Very easy to operate and adjust
  • Two different earphones for the rider included (standard-earphone with rubber earpiece and alternative earphone with solid earpiece)
  • Includes clip-on lapel microphone for the trainer
  • Fixed to the clothing with a metal clip
  • Range of 120 m (covers up to 240 m from middle of riding arena)
  • Operating time ca. 12 hours (per battery set)
  • Can be upgraded for group lessons with additional receivers (up to 9 receivers possible, single receivers are available separately)
  • LCD-display for channel and battery status, energy-saving function, power supply: per gadget 1 regular battery, 1,2 V Mignon NiMH
  • Delivery includes: 1 transmitter silver, 1 receiver black, 2 different earphones, 1 clip microphone, 2 regular batteries
  • Further earphones available, see "Accessories for Radio Systems"
  • In the EU countries and Switzerland no fees for registration and free of charges
  • practical carrying case for safe transport and orderly storage optionally
Optimizing training in equestrian sports using wireless communication systems has many advantages:
  • The riders/drivers perfectly understand the trainer, lessons become more effective
  • During equestrian competitions the coach can discreetly support work on the schooling arena from the sidelines at whisper level
  • The trainer spares his voice and doesn't get hoarse any more.
  • Several trainers can coach at the same time without disturbing each other
  • Instructions can be heard and understood over long distances or with loud ambient noise
It works like this: The trainer receives a transmitter with a clip-on lapel microphone, the rider is equipped with a receiver and well-fitting earphones. Now the trainer can speak unimpeded and at normal volume, the rider receives the instructions directly and clearly.
The radiotelephone options offered in this shop were configured for use during riding or driving. Numerous satisfied customers have used this equipment for years.

To help you compare the different options, the most important properties of the offered equestrian wireless systems  are described in a chart (see below). This way everybody will find the ideal system for his / her individual requirements. And all this without risk, as our right to cancel within 30 days allows you to test the devices unhurriedly.

The staff of innoHorse will be pleased to assist you make your choice. They are active in equestrian sports themselves and therefore know exactly what is important (telephone 0049-9374/979111)
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