Respiratory problems and coughing in horses

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AIR ONE Flex Ultrasound Inhaler for Horses with...
Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE New: Convinces with light weight and flexible application This...
€849.00 *
bi-medEctoin® easy breathe for horses (30 x 5 ml)
Irritated airways? For calm and easy breathing! The natural protective molecule bi-medEctoin® moisturizes the mucous...
From €48.50 *
bitopEQUI® LUNG Complete 500 ml
Ready to inhale! This sterile ready-to-use solution consists exclusively of 1.3% bi-medEctoin®, sodium chloride and...
From €29.40 *
Brine "Dead Sea" for inhalation with horses
Brine from the Dead Sea for inhalation treatment of horses. The recognized curative salt from the Dead Sea is known...
From €12.20 *
Equivet Hustex Herb & Liquid (100 ml)
Supplementary feed for horses with respiratory problems; Mixture of selected herbs with a stimulating, regulating and...
€32.90 *