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COMPLETE PLUS Fly Sheet Horse with leg protection
Complete bug protection, also for front and hind legs. Sometimes a normal fly sheet is not enough. Just think about...
€119.90 *
Medulisan Vet Wound Care / Cleaning and...
Ideal for cleansing and disinfecting wounds or skin lesions. No irritation or side effects. Also, very suitable for...
€17.90 *
Medulisan Vet Wound Gel for Horses and other Pets
Film-forming gel that shields wounds effectively with a breathable membrane. Optionally available as hydrogel or...
From €18.90 *
Special Halter MULTIFUNCTION Horse
Depending on the situation, this product may be used as an ordinary halter, as a lead rope or a dog leash. An ideal...
€14.90 *
Tick Removal Mouse
Safe: very simply removes even the smallest ticks and should be a part of every stable medicine box. With various...
€15.90 *