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RollArt Fascia Roll for Horses Size M (grooved)

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medium sized fascia roll with narrow grooves for intensive pressure and rolling massage... more
Product information "RollArt Fascia Roll for Horses Size M (grooved)"
  • medium sized fascia roll with narrow grooves for intensive pressure and rolling massage
  • very effective and easy to use, even without prior medical knowledge
  • can be used in many different regions of the body
  • particularly suitable for the areas surrounding shoulder blades and hip bones, but also for almost all other parts of the horses´ body (not for head and legs)
  • concavely shaped body of the roll, grooved, length without handles 20 cm, diameter 7.5 cm
  • stuck together and hardened connective tissues are made more mobile and can be kept elastic by systematical application of the fascia roll
  • applicable also for humans and large dogs
  • made in Germany, crafted by hand from alder wood (alder wood is said to have an energetically cleansing effect which is enhanced by the rolling treatment)

Positive effects of fascia training:

  • relaxation
  • increasing flexibility
  • higher motivation
  • improved well-being

How does a fascia massage work?

Slow, pushing roll or pressure massage stimulates tissue to exchange or refill fluids like a sponge. The aim is to be able to push or shift tissue without resistance and painless mobility.

The tissues' metabolism is stimulated resulting in a better nutrition and removal of metabolic waste.

Blood circulation is improved and with it the oxygen supply. By and by the horse owner develops a feeling for the area in which a fascia treatment is needed. This can also be deduced from the horse´s reactions. In the end it is always the patient, in this case the horse or dog which should decide on the intensity of the pressure that is applied.

Typical areas of application of fascia rolls for horses:

  • muscular tension
  • restricted movements
  • sensation of pain
  • lymph blockage
  • blood circulation insuffiency
  • shallow breathing
  • lacking elasticity
  • poor muscular development
  • weak back muscles
  • recurring blockages
  • restart of training after an injury
  • lack of suppleness
  • not enough activity of hindquarters
  • insufficient ground cover of front legs
  • irregularity of movement
  • problems while saddling the horse
  • problems lifting its feet

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