OPTIHAND "evolution" - Learning aid for a correctly held and empathetic rider´s hand

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Versatile, patented tool for optimizing the rider´s rein control. Available in two... more
Product information "OPTIHAND "evolution" - Learning aid for a correctly held and empathetic rider´s hand"

Versatile, patented tool for optimizing the rider´s rein control. Available in two different widths (please select when ordering).
Used materials: stainless steel, natural rubber, webbing; weight (without straps): 114 Grams

Advantages of Optihand Evolution:

The aim of a good training in equestrian sports is – next to a correct seat – the sensitive and empathetic rein aid. Many riders desire an improvement of their rein aids, but mistakes that they have grown accustomed to very often are persistent and corrected with great difficulty.

Optihand Evolution presets a steady and even rein movement as well as upright fists. As a result, the rider can sense the correct motion pattern and observe the – usually positive – reaction of his horse. The rotating handles clarify how to correctly give and take the reins.

Use of Optihand Evolution:

Optihand Evolution is most effectively used to detect problematic motion patterns during riding lessons. Used this way, it produces sudden insights that can be achieved with much more difficulty on the basis of merely verbal communication. However, it is not intended for continuous use, since riding is a very dynamic sport and it makes little sense to permanently restrict the mobility of the rider´s hands. It has proved to very helpful if the rider, after temporarily using Optihand, imagines to be still using it. Experience has shown that after some time the rider will revert unconsciously to his old faults. Then the trainer should remind him of the feeling achieved with this riding aid. In this way a rapid progress can be achieved.

Naturally, for horse and rider it takes time to adjust to the unfamiliar way of giving aids. But after some minutes as a rule it can be noticed that horses work much more willingly due to the hand giving aids much more steadily and evenly.  This convinces most riders quickly of the usefulness of the tool, even if in the beginning they were very skeptical. Basic prerequisite is a balanced seat independent of the reins.

Of course, among advanced riders the straps included in the delivery are not intended for holding onto but are useful to prevent the tool from falling down, e.g. while tightening the girth.

Hand Correction for Advanced Riders:

  • Serves initially to become aware of faulty hand position and rein aids.
  • Then gives positive impulses for feeling and internalizing correct motion patterns.
  • Helps to learn riding with an “empathetic”, sensitive rider´s hand.
  • Rotatable handles demonstrate how the fists should correctly be turned in and out while shortening/lengthening the reins.
  • Optihand Evolution combines the learning effects of traditional correction aids all in one product (e.g. rein bridge, sticks in hands, riding crop under the thumb etc.)

Schooling of the rider´s seat in lunge lessons:

  • For riding novices serves as a handle and to stabilize until they can sit unaided and balanced.
  • Upright fists, correct hand position and angled elbows are trained simultaneously.
  • Impedes downwards facing position of the hands and rounded back that are often the result of “traditional” method of holding onto the saddle strap.
  • The straps supplied should be adjusted to a very short length for beginners
  • However, we recommend Optihand Basis for the first lunge lessons, since this tool provides an even more secure support than Optihand Evolution.

Major difference between Optihand Basis and Optihand Evolution:

  • Optihand Basis is fixed to the saddle by means of two adjustable straps with hooks. Therefore, this tool offers a great vertical and horizontal stability to the novice rider.
  • Optihand Basis does not have rotatable handles, since in the very beginning of the learning process these are not needed.
  • Optihand Basis is not suitable for advanced riders, as at more advanced stage of training the rider needs a more flexible hand. Therefore, Optihand Evolution should be used in such cases to convey the right feeling for the rein aids.
  • Optihand Evolution consists of a U-shaped construction made of stainless steel with soft padded handles; Optihand Basis is a sturdy wooden handle.

You can find more detailed Information about both Optihand Tools here and in the links downloads below.

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