NOSE COVER for Riding (Bridles without Noseband)

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Typical for the headshaking syndrome is an uncontrollable, reflex-like and frequent shaking of... more
Product information "NOSE COVER for Riding (Bridles without Noseband)"
Typical for the headshaking syndrome is an uncontrollable, reflex-like and frequent shaking of the head and a rubbing of the nostrils as if there was an alien element in them.  These troubles are often aggravated by harsh sunlight, many insects in the air or stress for the horse. Research scientists suppose that the trigeminus nerve which supplies the nostrils with sensory fibres is in part responsible for this problem.
From conversations with owners of headshakers and from the latest scientific results we learned that covering the nostrils is helpful for many of these horses and makes the troubles disappear or at least reduces them. For this reason - in cooperation with veterinarians - we have developed NOSE COVER - a well-considered solution to this problem.
Moreover, the material offers a 59 % light protection which has been successfully tried with those horses which - due to their coat color - are prone to sunburns.

  • mouth and bit will be hampered in no way
  • respiration will not be affected
  • does not change its position even at a quicker pace
  • it can be easily fixed at the side of the snaffle's cheekpieces by means of a velcro tape
  • rubber inserts provide for a secure fit without impairing reins control
  • not suited for use with the CONNECTOR connecting part
  • it is made of a high-tech material with 59 % light protection (exception: in color beige without light protection)
  • its back is equipped with soft lining
  • it is easy to clean and dries quickly
  • for the horse's safety when great force is applied, either the straps will open or the material will tear
  • repair service for damaged NOSE COVERS
  • special designs are available on request
(For use in the paddock we recommend NOSE SHADE.)
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