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Coat King Curry Comb
special curry comb to ease the change of coat considerably lightens your workload, since the coat king is simply...
From €49.90 *
Hippo Cut Mane Trimming Knife
In order to achieve an even length of the mane after thinning, most frequently scissors are used. But this results in...
€25.90 *
Hippo King Mane Thinning Comb
Many horses tolerate the usual thinning of the mane using a comb only with difficulties or not at all. With the help...
€24.90 *
Replacement Set of Blades for Coat King Curry Comb
As needed simple replacement of the blade attachment of Coat King 30 or 60 by a screwing device.
From €29.90 *
Tick Tweezers
front ends are curved inwards to be able to grasp ticks effectively high quality processing with stainless steel To...
€9.90 *