Special Halters

Halters for stable and on pasture with special properties.

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Special Halter EQ.STRETCH
Halter equipped with elastic poll piece and nose bands Relents when the horse pulls at the leading rope with all its...
€36.90 *
Special Halter for Greenguard Muzzle with Velcro
with additional velcro fastener (see picture) padded noseband and head piece additional straps along forehead and...
€29.50 *
Special Halter LIGHTWEIGHT
Especially suitable for horses that tend to skin irritations when wearing a halter for longer time intervals Very...
€14.90 *
Special Halter MULTIFUNCTION Horse
Depending on the situation, this product may be used as an ordinary halter, as a lead rope or a dog leash. An ideal...
€14.90 *