Horse Rugs

The Welltex®-material by Back on Track reflects body heat in the form of infrared radiation, a form of energy that enhances well-being. The reflected heat can decrease muscle tension and increase blood circulation, thus accelerating regeneration.

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Back on Track Back Warmer
made of Welltex® bioceramic material (functional textile with heat-reflecting properties) and a quite solid padding...
From €86.90 *
Back on Track Back Warmer Royal
dimensions 80 x 105 cm due to the anatomical form perfectly follows the horse's backline lining made of Welltex®...
€111.00 *
Back on Track Chest Strap for Backwarmer
for securing all Back on Track backwarmer models on the back of the horse color black The special property of the...
€32.90 *
COMPLETE PLUS Fly Sheet Horse with leg protection
Complete bug protection, also for front and hind legs. Sometimes a normal fly sheet is not enough. Just think about...
€119.90 *