DIY Eye Spacer made of Formable Wood Cast-Material

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For protecting the horse´s eye against pressure or impact; can be adjusted individually to the... more
Product information "DIY Eye Spacer made of Formable Wood Cast-Material"

For protecting the horse´s eye against pressure or impact; can be adjusted individually to the form of the horse´s head and the problem situation; in combination with the VMC head-, eye- and ear protection mask.

To ensure a perfect fit for each patient, the eye spacer is delivered not prefabricated, but as a 2 mm strong wood cast plate measuring 14,6 x 34 cm. The horse owner forms the protection into the desired or needed form by heating the material.

After cooling of, the spacer is fixed under VCM protection mask in front of the horse´s eye. To achieve an even better fixation of the eye protection in the mask, additional press buttons can be ordered.

What is wood cast?
Wood cast is a non-poisonous material consisting of wood and biodegradable plastic. It is delivered as a flat, hard plate. Heating it (with a hot-air blower, in the microwave oven or in the baking oven) makes it soft and moldable within a few minutes. After cooling off, the material solidifies and stays in the given form. Wood cast is used for plaster casts and splints, apart from its use here as equine eye protection. In warm condition it also is self-adhesive and can therefore be used in several layers.

How do you form a wood cast eye spacer?
At first, the wood cast plate has to be heated in the microwave, baking oven or with a hot-air blower. After several minutes, the material becomes soft. Now, the flexible plate can be adjusted to the horse`s head and if needed, a cavity can be formed. (Important: do not put the warm plate directly on the horse´s fur, but leave the VetMedCare protections mask in between!). As an alternative, it is also possible to adjust the heated plate to a small bowl or similarly formed object to produce the desired shape. Excess material can be cut off and stuck into the middle of hollow as an additional reinforcement. The spacer can then carefully be pulled to the desired length and width. The edges can be smoothened. If needed, the press buttons can now be pushed into the warm material. After cooling off, the spacer will be as solid as before.  Now, the delivered self-adhesive edging tape can be fixed to the edges as a padding.

Delivery includes: 1 wood cast plate, strength 2 mm, measurements 14,6 x 34 cm

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