Delivery times

The delivery times stated in our online shop only are effective only in case of delivery within Germany. In case of delivery to an address outside of Germany the delivery time is extended according to the number of days stated in the table below.

Austria: approx. 1-4 workdays
Belgium: approx. 2-4 workdays
Bulgaria: approx. 5-7 workdays
Croatia: approx. 7-8 workdays
Cyprus: approx. 3-8 workdays
Czech Republic: approx. 3-5 workdays
Denmark: approx. 2-4 workdays
Estonia: approx. 4-6 workdays
Finland: approx. 4-7 workdays
Great Britain/ Northern Ireland: approx. 2-5 workdays
Greece: approx. 4-6 workdays
Hungary: approx. 4-6 workdays
Iceland: approx. 5-10 workdays
Italy: approx. 3-5 workdays
Ireland: approx. 3-5 workdays
Latvia: approx. 3-5 workdays
Liechtenstein: approx. 4-5 workdays
Lithuania: approx. 4-6 workdays
Luxemburg: approx. 2-3 workdays
Malta: approx. 4-6 workdays
Netherlands: approx. 2-4 workdays
Norway: approx. 7-8 workdays
Poland: approx. 5-7 workdays
Portugal: approx. 3-5 workdays
Rumania: approx. 6-8 workdays
Slovakia: approx. 5-7 workdays
Slovenia: approx. 3-5 workdays
Spain: approx. 5-7 workdays
Switzerland: approx. 4-6 workdays
Sweden: approx. 3-5 workdays