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Car Charging Cable for Radiotelephones
For charging rechargeable batteries in the car Suitable for radiotelephones MIDLAND G6 XT, G8E, MIDLAND G5 XT,...
€3.90 *
Earphone OH 3
On-ear earphones (worn clipped to the ear) with solid ear clip Alternative headset for Trainer Audio System PREMIUM...
€9.90 *
Headset AE 30
in-ear earphone with ear clip and flexible swan-neck microphone includes clip-microphone with VOX/push-to-talk...
€9.90 *
Headset MA-21 L
adjustable in-ear earphone with ear clip incl. clip-microphone with push-to-talk button 2,5 mm/3,5 mm duo right-angle...
€19.90 *
Headset MA-24 L
on-ear earphone incl. clip-microphone with VOX/push-to-talk operation (selectable) 2,5 mm/3,5 mm two way adapter...
€15.90 *
Security Headset AE 31
in-ear earphone due to the transparent cable very inconspicuous includes clip-microphone with separate push-to-talk...
€24.90 *