AIR ONE Ultrasound Inhaler for Horses / mains operated

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Die Kaltblut-Maske wird nur für sehr große Pferdeköpfe, wie z. B. bei Shirehorses, benötigt. Für Kleinpferde gibt es unter "Zubehör" eine Dichtung mit extra kleiner Öffnung.

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 Model for mains operated use including all necessary accessories for immediate use. high... more
Product information "AIR ONE Ultrasound Inhaler for Horses / mains operated"
 Model for mains operated use including all necessary accessories for immediate use.

  • high nebulization power, especially attuned to be used with horses (4-6 ml/Min.)
  • tiniest aerosol particles (between 0,47 to 6 µm) transport the inhalant deeply into the lung as far as the alveoli
  • very easy to use
  • water-resistant, break-proof body with wall fixture
  • snug fit due to soft, adaptable silicone gasket of the breathing mask
  • adjustable air supply ensures ideal mixing ratio
  • easy to clean, since all parts are removable
  • very safe to use owing to the break-proof housing and a connecting piece that loosens if used with a very jumpy horse
  • inhalation of MDI's (metered dose inhaler) is possible
  • if required all replacement parts can be supplied
Delivery includes: ultrasound-nebulizer, breathing-mask with silicone gasket, head strap, connecting piece, wall fixture, contact liquid, disinfectant, drug atomizing vessel, measuring cup, container for storage and transport, detailed manual.

The ultrasound inhalation therapy is very effectively and successfully used in the treatment of horses with respiratory problems (e.g. inflammatory airway disease, recurrent airway obstruction, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, intermittent cough), since the drugs reach their destiny within a short period of time without stressing the whole body.

The ultrasound nebulizer AIR ONE was developed especially  for the treatment of horses in cooperation of the Veterinary Faculty of the University Hannover, the Maastricht University and the producer Hippomed. A patented technique is applied regulating not only the particle size of the inhalant but also the ventilated quantity.

This procedure results in a complete moistening of the deep bronchial tract down to the smallest alveoli! Therefore drugs, homeopathic substances or physiological salt solution can be inhaled. The AIR ONE-Inhaler has won multiple awards and by now is used by more than 700 veterinarians or in animal clinics.

It is very worthwhile to acquire this product: You can effectively help your horse and in the long run will surely save treatment expenses!

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